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Client Questionnaire

Obtaining accurate and complete information about a client's financial situation is crucial to developing a financial plan or offering specific financial recommendations.​  To facilitate the collection of client information, a "Client Questionnaire" can be found here

What is a Financial Plan?

A Personal Financial Plan provides the basis and context for making a wide range of decisions that can assist the client in achieving their personal and financial goals.  The plan is also a key driver of the investment strategy.  The creation of a financial plan involves the collection and evaluation of a broad range of personal and financial data necessary to develop financial strategies tailored to fit the needs of the client.   This includes analysis and advice relative to the client’s financial goals, tolerance for risk, assets and liabilities, current and projected cash-flows, asset protection, insurance coverage, retirement planning, tax planning, education planning, estate planning, and high level investment planning.  Major emphasis is placed on identifying client goals and developing plans for achieving those goals. Also provided are recommendations for savings, spending, investing and the generation of income. 

For information on the 3 "phases" of financial planning please click here.

For information about the 10 major components of a financial plan please click here.

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