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Our fees are easy to understand and we disclose them up front without the client having to ask or having to endure a sales pitch.

​ As required by Florida law, all of our services are conducted pursuant to a contract which spells out the specific service(s) to be provided, the fees to be charged and other terms of the engagement.  The use of contracts ensures the client understands, in advance, the services to be provided and the fees they will be charged.  Our goal is for a client to never receive an invoice they were not already expecting.

We offer an initial consultation at no charge.  

We charge fees for two types of services:

1.  Project & Consulting Services

This usually takes the form of a comprehensive Financial Plan but can also include "limited scope" consulting on an hourly basis.  Our fee for project and hourly consulting service is $250 per hour.  For each service engagement, the client will be furnished (via the contract) a written fee amount that represents the maximum the client will be charged for the specific services requested. The client is not asked for advance payments and is only asked to pay for services after all services have been completed and provided.  A copy of the of the "Project Agreement" can be found here.

2.  Wealth Management

Wealth Management includes 3 components:

  • Implementation of a Financial Plan

  • On-going financial planning and consultation

  • On-going management of the investment portfolio

The fee for Wealth Management services is 1/2% per year of the average market value of assets managed.  There is a minimum annual fee of $2,500.  For portfolios that exceed $500,000, the annual fee is 1/2% times the average value of the portfolio under management.  For example, the annual fee for a $600,000 portfolio would be $3,000 (1/2% times $600,000).  For portfolios below $500,000, the fee is a flat $2,500/year, so the % annual fee for portfolios under $500,000 would vary with their value.  For example, a portfolio of $250,000 would incur an annual % fee of 1.0% ($2,500/$250,000).  A copy of the Wealth Management contract can be found here.

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